Peace Beyond Justice is an investigation into the controversial community court system known as "Gacaca" (pronounced Ga-Cha-cha), which was adopted in Rwanda to deal with the massive number of people accused of genocide crimes after the 1994 genocide. The film gives voice to both the survivors and the perpetrators of genocide, as well as the creators and participants of the Gacaca courts, taking the audience through actual trials and revealing the successes and challenges faced by the courts as the society struggles to find peace. The aim of the documentary is to engage Rwandans and others in debate on the issues of post-conflict justice and reconciliation by presenting the experiences of those involved in the ambitious intervention that is Gacaca.

Filmed in Rwanda in late 2007, and completed in February 2008, the film is the result of a collaboration between creatives and participants from Rwanda, the UK, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. One of the few film productions given access to actual Gacaca trials, this documentary was made possible through the support of The Institute for Justice and Reconciliation.

The documentary was filmed in HD by a team led by Director Gregory McKneally of The Photon Shepherds. and Producer Karin Alexander. Many thanks to all involved for all the hard work and dedication that led to the completion of this film.
Post-Production Coordination provided by Gumboots Media Limited.

The film is now available for distribution through Journeyman Pictures.

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Gregory McKneally
Karin Alexander
Director of Photography:
Heeten Bhagat

Production Cooridinator:
Jean-Pierre Sagahutu
Gregory McKneally


Camera Operators: Heeten, Bhagat, Gregory McKneally
Transportation Manager: Jean-Pierre Sagahutu
Camera Assistant: Aboubakar Burakari
Sound Recordist: Eugene Ndayisaba
Translators: Alice Kayisere Kayibanda, Bruce Musalika, Rosie Kayitesi
Researcher: Nezahat Ekmekci
Driver:Gustave Makonene

Motion Graphics: Gregory McKneally, Kay Shin
Assistant Editors: Heeten Bhagat, Daniel Hargrove
Music By: Florida Uwera
Additional Music By: Gregory McKneally & Rami Siam
Online Edit Facilities: Gumboots Media Ltd
Sound Mix & Mastering: Big Box Studios
Sound Designer: Jeremy Cox

Distribution: Journeyman Pictures

With the participation of:
Ellen Beijers, Deo Byanafashe, Pierre Habiyakare, Alphonse Hityaremye
Agathe Ingabire, Jean Baptiste Kadende, Tharcisse Karugarama,
Zura Karuhimbi, Jean Paul Kimonyo, Jean Baptiste Mbaraga,
Celestin Kanimba Misago, Jean Paul Mugiraneza, Venantie Mukamudenge
Domitilla Mukantaganzwa, Emmanuel Murangira, Patrick Ndacyayisenga,
Hilary Nkeshimana, Innocent Nsabimana, Venante Nzabirinda,
Joseph Nzirorera, Pierre Sebutuku, Francois Sekaziga,
Ambassador Denis Polisi, Christine Umutoni

Special Thanks go to:
Institute for Justice and Reconciliation
National Service of Gacaca Courts, Rwanda
Ministry of Justice, Rwanda
Ambassador Joseph Mutaboba
Gumboots Media Ltd
Keith Farr
Bronwyn Moore
Charles Villa-Vicencio
Fanie Du Toit

This film was made possible by the generous support of:
The Institute for Justice and Reconciliation