Founded in 2002, The Photon Shepherds is a collaborative of artists working in Film, Video, Animation and Interactive Media. Bringing expertise from diverse backgrounds, and a revolutionary sense of style, the Shepherds work both individually and in collaboration, and can assemble teams of talented artists for productions. From hard-hitting live action, to complex visual effects and animation, to striking interactive media and installations, the team are constantly developing new projects and new ideas.
GREGORY MCKNEALLY -- Director (Film, Video & Animation) - VFX Supervisor

Greg is a VFX Artist / Director with a background in 3D animation, set design and visual arts. Greg studied painting and animation at Yale University and completed a Masters in Digital Art at Camberwell, University of the Arts, London in 2003 .Greg has a passion for documentary and is constantly seeking ways of integrating animation and vfx with the documentary format: using animation to bring new energy to the documentary form. He works as a 3D Artist on commercials, broadcast and feature films.

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DAVID VIGH -- Director (Film & Video) - Art Director
David is originally a musician /graphic designer whose work has become increasingly focused on the moving image. Born in Budapest, Hungary, David spent a number of years living and working in London. He is currently managing the Shepherds' partner organization, the European production company Art Mafia. David completed the MA in Digital Arts, Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts in 2003. Having directed over 10 music videos for the last couple of years, David is still a free lance art director/graphic designer and an active shepherd. Check out the graphic design portfolio here.
TAIYO NAGANO -- Director (Interactive Media) - Designer
Born in Tokyo, Japan. Taiyo is a graphic designer and programmer. While working as a network engineer in Tokyo, he launched into graphic design, web design and VJ performance under the name of "The Jelly Hunters". Taiyo completed the MA in Digital Arts at Camberwell College of Arts in London in 2003. In 2002, his work "release from digital addiction" won the honorary mention in Canon Digital Creators Contest. He is now the director of Tamassy Creative in London. .
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